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Harriet Wakelam

Director, Human Centred Design, IAG

About Harriet Wakelam

Harriet is fascinated by the intersection of people, change, product and service to transform and makes this happen with banks and other financial service institutions. She is driven by the development of purposeful services whether in health, financial services or communications through the development of outcomes not outputs. She is driven by a vision of a fairer world that sustains people and business. She has worked as an experience designer with Medibank, NAB, Australia Post and some of the UK’s biggest banks.

She listens a lot, talks a bit and loves to weave curious cross-disciplinary teams with the courage to both create exciting things often but also build breakthroughs from disasters.

Harriet is originally a Londoner arriving back in Melbourne via Perth, Karratha, Slovakia amongst others. Her great loves include 2 small people, the random collision of ideas, brave people, courage and mischief (supported by the odd chocolate and martini).

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